My Research

As an early career researcher, I managed to work in three trajectories, these include; sustainable urban transportation system, land use modelling and applying spatial analytics in the area of ecosystem service evaluation. These three trajectories linked with my educational stages, from undergraduate to PhD.  

PhD Research

My PhD research focused on the area of application of spatial analytics in understanding the connection between the natural environment (e.g. Green infrastructure) & health-wellbeing. I am analysing high resolution spatial data to identify how the environment is changing and how such change effect human health. Particularly, I am applying machine learning models with GIS to understand and predict land use changes; modelling the green infrastructure exposure in terms of availability, accessibility and visibility at multiple scales using detailed land use land cover, DEM (LiDAR based), Google Street view data, and building new approaches to monitoring natural environment exposure considering challenges of big geo-spatial data. The main aspect of my PhD is to improve the assessment of natural environment exposure, to guide environment epidemiological research. The PhD is divided into four papers with interconnected objectives and research questions. The PhD is supervised by Professor Sarah Lindley and Dr. Jonny Huck