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I possess a multi-disciplinary academic background including urban and regional planning, quantitative geography, and environmental sciences. I consider myself a quantitative urban health geographer, who researches in the domain of environmental health problems, using data-driven methods and techniques. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Urban and regional planning, with specialisation in sustainable urban transportation and emission modelling. Then I completed my master's degree in Geographical Information Science from the University of Manchester. My master's works mostly focused on spatial data analysis and advanced spatial modelling. My PhD research focused on environmental health issues, nature-based solutions for public health, and I developed new approaches to model greenspace exposure using innovative geospatial methods and big-spatial data. During my PostDoctoral training, I joined the University of Cambridge and conducted multi-disciplinary research focus on the urban built-natural environment, and public health. At present, my research activities focus on combining spatial data science approaches with public health modeling to investigate active travel behavior in cities worldwide. Additionally, I am developing new models and methods for improving urban environmental exposure assessments. 

Geographical Information Science and Remote Sensing

Spatial data science, Geo-AI, Geo-spatial intelligence and Satellite image analysis.

Environmental Science

Environmental epidemiology, Exposure analysis, environmental management and governance

2016 - 2017

University of Manchester

MSc in Geographical Information Science (Distinction) 

2009 - 2014

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Bachelor in Urban and Regional Planning

My Research Interests

Nature Based Solutions

Green Infrastructure, Green- Blue Space, Natural Environment, Nature-human interactions.

Urban Transportation

Transportation planning, traffic modelling, transport emission, and active transportation. 

Summary of Education

2017 - 2020 

University of Manchester

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).  Subject Covered: Urban Geography, Geospatial health, Nature based solutions.

Key Technical Skills

Spatial Analytics, Mapping packages

ArcGIS (pro, 10x), QGIS, PostGIS, WebGIS. 

Remote Sensing packages


Programming Languages 

R (Advanced), Python, MATLAB (Basic)

Statistical Packages


Transport Modelling


Flood Modelling

Flood Modeller Pro, WhiteBox GIS.


SEED Research Scholarship (2017-2020)

Awarded By: University of Manchester

Award Type: Scholarship

Value: Approx. £102k

Best Student Award 2017

Awarded By: University of Manchester

Award Type: Certificate 

Equity and Merit Scholarship (2016-2017)

Awarded By: University of Manchester

Award Type: Scholarship

Value: Approx. £32k 

Abdul Hamid Award (for best thesis) (2014)

Awarded By: Bangladesh University of Engineering and technology

Award Type: Certificate

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