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Dr. S.M. Labib

Labib is an Assistant Professor of (Spatial-) Data Science and (Environmental-) Health at Utrecht University and a visiting researcher scholar at the University of Cambridge; working at the MRC Epidemiology unit with the public health modelling group. I am a Quantitative Urban Health Geographer, with major in Geographical Information Science, Remote Sensing, and Spatial data science applications in environmental science and epidemiology.


Combining spatial data science and environmental exposure in studying urban health.

Assistant Professor of Data Science and Health

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Invited Talk

Seminar presentation on "Combined multiscale exposures to urban greenspaces: A spatially explicit approach" at Spatial and Contextual Exposomics and Epidemiology Laboratory, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Abstract: Greenspace exposure is usually linked to positive health outcomes. However, several uncertainties exist in accurately measuring greenspace exposure, including the scale of analysis, the conceptualisation of exposure, and inferring exposure to individuals and population levels. This talk explores varying greenspace exposure methodologies, focusing on spatially explicit approaches to improve greenspace exposure assessments. I will present the spatial scale sensitivity of greenspace metrics and demonstrate new approaches to measuring and mapping varying greenspace exposures (e.g., availability, accessibility, visibility). Then, I will show how greenspace exposure types are related to area-level premature mortality by demonstrating that exposure conceptualisation/measurements influences the relationship’s effect size. Additionally, I will present methods of estimating individual-level exposure integrating GPS data.