Mr. S.M. Labib

Labib is a postdoctoral researcher associate in University of Cambridge; working at the MRC Epidemiology unit with the public health modelling group. I am a Quantitative Urban Geographer, with major in Geographical Information Science, Remote Sensing, and Spatial data science applications in environmental science and epidemiology.


Exploring spatial health impact of active travel and built environment in urban contexts.

PostDoc Researcher in public health modelling

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Invited Talk

Seminar presentation on "Applications of geospatial data and methods in environmental epidemiology" at MRC Epidemiology unit, The University of Cambridge. 

Abstract: Geospatial data and methods are widely integrated with environmental epidemiology and public health research. This talk explores the applications of spatial data and methods in research on environmental epidemiology in urban areas. It provides case studies on the availability and applications of spatial data (e.g., satellite and drone images) and modelling approaches (e.g., coupling systems, machine learning) used to identify and understand environmental patterns and processes. Then, it explores how spatial dimensions (e.g., data-resolution, scale) influence the relationships between environment and health outcomes and discusses emerging approaches used to apply spatial data and methods when focusing on urban greenspace and health.